Top Tips for Fundraising Letters

Why write a fundraising letter?

A good fundraising letter lets you spell out your organisation's aims and objectives, make your case for support and explain how your prospective donors can play a part. It can also help to build an emotional bond between your organisation and your prospective or current donors.

Best Practice for Writing Fundraising Letters

  • Make it personal - always use the donor's name. Ideally use the donor's preferred name e.g. Robert/Bob and always make sure everything is spelt correctly.
  • Make it about the donor. It may be tempting to focus on the great things your organisation has achieved or the ambitious plans you have but remember the purpose of this letter is to show donors how they can help. Focus on the donor.
  • Always sign the letter. People connect with people before they connect with organisations so make sure a senior person in the organisation signs the letter. It can be a very powerful tool for creating donor engagement.
  • Offer several ways for your donor to help. Not everyone can give money so always try to provide alternative ways to give - volunteering at an event or donating time or expertise.

We are here if you need any help

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