Here’s How to Raise funds by Touching Hearts

There is an emotional component to every donation. The act of giving fulfils an emotional need by helping reassure us that we are good people and that it is possible to make the world a better place. By engaging both the head and heart, it is possible we can increase not just the size of donations but the level of donor satisfaction. And the best way to do that? Tell people an interesting story. Here is what we mean…


It is not what you say, it is how you say it

People need facts but they do not relate to them. People relate to people - your human story will encourage people to give – your estimates and statistics will inform them how much.


For instance, in the case of a church or sports hall renovation fund, rather than simply stating the bald facts of costs and the dire consequences of not repairing the roof, start off by telling special stories like those of the people who married there, played there or simply never forgot their time there.


Any interesting, funny, happy or even sad story is much more engaging for your donors than the “cry for help” they hear every other day and also much more likely to work.


Inform them to engage them

Beside the story, it is vital provide them with all the information they need to make their decision. So, ensure you include all the following with every request for support:

A quick and simple explanation of what it is you are doing
A justification for why it is important and necessary
A straightforward request of what you actually need from your donor
A note on how it aligns to their own values and how it will benefit them*
A brief pitch on why you or your organisation are best placed to do it

*The most generous gifts are driven by donors’ genuine belief in your mission and vision (World YWCA Common Concern 2000)


We are here if you need any help

From Brochures that help tell your story and Direct Mail Solutions that ensure it gets into the right hands, to Displays and Signage that promote your message and Fund-Raising Envelopes that help continue it, we provide a number of products that help you raise funds and communicate with your community.