Supporting Climate Neutral Printing - A visit to Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, Kenya

I received  a nice report on the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya today. I've included the link at the bottom of this post. We are one of the sponsors of this initiative as part of our committment to Climate Neutral Printing in collaboration with Climate Partner.

Our core customers are people who work for the improvement of their communities - churches, sports clubs, schools, charities. I believe that is essential for a company like ours to operate in a manner which is consistent with the values of the groups which we serve.So whether you're purchasing church envelopes, school envelopes or lotto envelopes you can do so secure in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company that is operating in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

In all our operations we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In particular we have undertaken the following initiatives and commitments.

  • Our paper and packaging is all from FSC or PEFC sources.
  • We have also committed to reducing the amount of plastic packaging we use to as near zero as we can by mid-2018.
  • Our conventional inks are vegetable based and our use of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) is near zero.
  • We have teamed up with ClimatePartner™ to plant trees in the developing world. This project offsets the CO2 produced by our operations

While we accept that carbon offsetting is not the same as operating in a carbon neutral manner we believe it is a good first step.

The particular project we help fund is the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya.The project makes the following contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
» Goal 15 - Life on Land: Protection of water resources and soil quality
» Goals 4, 8 - Quality Education, Decent Work: Residents' training for longterm protection of forest areas, building of new schools, scholarships
» Goal 3 - Good Health: Financial support of health infrastructure - construction of a hospital
» Goals 1, 5 - No Poverty, Gender Equality: Creating 350 job opportunities,especially for women in sustainable clothing industry and tree nursery

There are increased costs associated with some of our decisions with regard to suatainable printing some of which we have shared with our customers, some of which we have absorbed. In our opinion the cost of doing the right thing is minimal compared to the potential costs of not doing the right thing - costs which will have to be met by our children and grandchildren. In short, we are doing what we believe organisations and individuals should do in the face of the most serious crisis humanity has ever faced - we are sharing the burden of cost and effort when we can and we are shouldering the burden of cost and effort when we must.

The photo used in this Blog Post was taken from the Report on Kasigau on the Climate Partner Website